Are You Web 2.0?

Times have changed, and so have the computers we work with. The rapid transformations have given birth to exciting new things and the introduction of web 2.0 is an exciting evolution in the internet, making it vastly more powerful with many creative options.

Webs 2.0 not only provide users access to the content but also invite users help create that content.  It enables users to do a lot more things than just view and retrieve information.

Before Web 2.0, traditional websites limited user access to just viewing a page where only the site owner can make changes and modifications to his site, but with Web 2.0, users are also able to apply changes and add to the contents of the website, depending on the level of access that the site may allow. The difference is that the World Wide Web has changed from Web 1.0 and upgraded to Web 2.0. Data build on Web 1.0 facilities can be used on the Web 2.0 site via the browser.

The ‘Web 2.0’ age has brought about a new internet revolution that led to a new and improved way of developing internet based communities. It has also brought about a fundamental shift in the way many web based companies do business.

Web 2.0 made it significantly easier for groups to come together in creating and maintaining social networking websites, wiki’s, blogs and video sharing websites. Blogging, social bookmarking, tagging, digging, tweeting and wikis are just a few examples of Web 2.0

Is your website missing out the rewards of Web 2.0? Tell our Webmasters.

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