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CKARACHI is a business-to-business brand, representing the entire portfolio of our extended media, social media brands and technology solutions. We're building our Advertising services and platforms to deliver what you, our advertiser and publisher partners, have told us you want. We're in a position to bring together all our advertising knowledge in one coherent portfolio. One singular brand to represent all that we do for you, our customers - advertisers and publishers

Our Advertising platform is all about helping agencies, advertisers and publishers engage with their consumers. By bringing social media and technology together - our extended media gives us the breadth and reach of audience and our technology enables us to connect audiences with advertisers. We can deliver major advantages for you, through bringing insights that relates directly to your needs and measurable advertising performance backed up by our comprehensive expertise.

MediaXpress is all about Ideas. We know that Creativity and Passion are the forces that drive businesses worldwide. We create and execute ideas via our dynamic platforms and technology solutions that make people sit up and take notice. We aim to take our Clients to new heights with fresh ideas and flawless execution.

As more and more people spend more and more time online - always connected, using multiple devices – MediaXpress Ideas Advertising platform can help you reach them. The purpose of our Advertising Program is to empower you to connect with your target consumers across multiple digital touch points - and optimize your advertising impact through our world-class partnership services.

Reach Your Target Audience
We empower you to connect with your consumers as they access different media at various points throughout the day-from PCs to mobile devices-and even more in the future. We can help you reach your targeted audience each month globally.

Engage Your Brand
Dynamically engage your brands and their audiences through our suite of innovative advertising products and platforms, delivered across a diverse range of digital media properties from Blogs, Facebook, YouTube to our iPhone, iPad and Android apps. We could even help you improve your search advertising results through Search Engine Optimization.

Optimize Advertising Impact
Our partnership services include innovative programs, knowledge sharing, and planning and service excellence.

Interesting Numbers

We are the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform in Karachi
10,500 weekly visits came from 95 countries/territories

10,500+ Weekly Visitors
16,060+ Page Views
26,000+ Facebook Fans
00:01:56 Average Time on Site

Our Brands

Advertising Opportunities

Target 1 Week 1 Month 3 Months  

Spot # 1

Top Leaderboard 468×60
Above fold, site wide

Spots available ONE

$10 $20 $40

Spot # 2

Sidebar Video 300×250; (Your 30sec Video Advertisement)
Above fold, site wide

Spots available ONE

$7 $14 $28

Spot # 3

Sidebar Square 125×125
Above fold, site wide below Spot #2

Spots available TWO

$5 $10 $20

Spot # 4

Within post spot either Medium Square 200×200 or 468×60
Site wide within post

Spots available ONE

$6 $12 $24

RSS Feeds

Text Link message [15-20 words] appearing on footer of each post appearing in RSS & Newsletter roughly 2-3 [or more] posts a week – rates are on a weekly basis as RSS feeds provide direct traffic to those who may not come on the site regularly

$3 $6 $12


Blog Review (250 Words)
Featured Blog Post Banner
(All our blogs posts gets automatically published across our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Mobile Apps)


Facebook Brand Promotion

Facebook Profile Picture (Our Profile picture & logo customized to your company theme/ logo)
Facebook Page Banner
Facebook Landing Page (You Ad on our Facebook landing page)

$15 $30 $60

Payment Options

Offline Direct payment: Pay fee to our sales representatives

Online Bank Transfer (1Link Participating Banks).

Direct Bank Deposit (Deposit to our bank account).

Bank wire / TT: You can wire us the fees to our local bank account here in Pakistan.

Paypal: We accept online payments through Credit Cards and Paypal.


Contact Us

For any queries you can write an email to